3. fanakalo:

    HUSBANDS - An artist group that existed in 2010

    From Left:

    Romano Pizzichini

    Ravi Govender

    Andrew Aitchison

    Olubiyi Thomas

    ol pic from london of our team H U S B A N D S courtesy of ravi govender


  4. BOOKS



  6. smithandabrahams:


    Working My First Day at General Dealers, SMITH & ABRAHAMS in Woodstock, Cape Town Today. Pop IN!


  7. Artist Atang Tshikare’s shoes at his old studio in San Remo, Cape Town.



  9. A2 ink drawing of friend with mouse nose from a while back

    drawing by andrew aitchison 2007


  10. karabo banna maine


  11. thats me. photo by romano pizzichini 2011


  12. Me and Carmen x


  13. shoes


  14. You can see me walking around in this vid.

    Crazy White Bitches video. Directed by Ben Johnson. Styling Fani Segerman / Isa Goemare. Cast - Andrew Aitchison, Mavuso Mbutuma, Marianne Law, Jabu Newman.

    The tracks by Christian Tiger School and is called Eastern Food BIzarre.

    (Source: vimeo.com)